Best First Dance for Your Wedding

Dec 06, 2021

"We don't know what we want but we just don't want to look awkward!" if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that over the years! I can definitely appreciate the sentiment, after all we spend a lot of time making sure our couples feel super confident before their wedding. No one wants to look uncomfortable and often a first dance is literally one of the first times a couple ever dances together! 

Which brings me to the best option for your wedding. . .The best first dance by far is the one you're happy doing, the one you've dreamed of, the one you look so comfortable in and the one you really enjoy. 

Stay with me here. . . I was a wedding photographer for years and I felt bad when I would see couples start getting super nervous before their first dance. It's such a sweet, truly beautiful moment and the last thing you need on your wedding day is to be terrified of your dance! It makes sense though, there's so much pressure to look good, but couples don't have ages and hours and months always to prepare and get comfortable with their dance skills. That kind of pressure is nuts, this moment is for the two of you

I had an inspired moment years ago when we had a certain bride in our studio, she had such a comfortable, unique style that was much more relaxed than dancers tends to be but even so their dance was so beautiful it actually made me cry (I'm a tough nut to crack, ladies!). It was amazing how much more truly beautiful the dance was because the couple was so comfortable moving together, nothing was super flashy, but I'll bet there were a lot of teary eyes at their reception!

See the key here was comfortability. They weren't remotely the most technical, experienced, or athletic students we've ever had, they didn't spend months practicing every night, but they were extremely comfortable with what they were doing and that made ALL the difference in how good they LOOKED.

Catch it: How good you look does NOT depend on how great a dancer you are, it is ALL ABOUT how comfortable you are. Full stop. This rings true even for professional and competitive dancers.

When we were designing BetterSway™ for first dances (and designing IS the operative word, every tiny detail was pored over) we constantly challenged ourselves with "what is the least amount of instruction we can give to get the best possible result." Think about it. . . the more things on your mind, the more your head goes down, your eyes glaze over and your partner becomes a blurry outline. But if we can give you just enough of the right direction for you to be comfortable, confident, steady, and joyfully focused on that partner in your arms. . . that might just be a truly beautiful thing.

Get started today .... go dancing tonight

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