Never feel lost on the dance floor (ahem, kitchen floor) ever again.

Welcome! We are Allen & Christy, real life couple and dance studio owners/instructors, along with our friends, Adam & Mady. We have an enormous passion for non-pretentious and super attainable dance for everyone! Most couples want the romance and excitement of dancing together, but the obstacles to start can feel intimidating. Our three decades of experience and thousands of hours teaching went into making BetterSway™ the only course of its kind, designed to fit inexperienced dancers instead of the other way around. BetterSway™ breaks down the barriers entirely and flattens the learning curve so everyone can dance like our grandparents did.🤙🏼

You won't find any boring, uninspired beginner steps, rhythm problems, or frame issues here. Instead, look forward to some of the most fun, impressive, memorable moves you've always wanted to try (yep, you'll probably recognize some from movies!). We stripped these steps down to their essence, marrying how they look the best with how most people naturally move. This eliminates common mistakes altogether without you ever having to address them. That is why with BetterSway™ you can genuinely look good and feel good your very first time. 

BetterSway™ was born out of the joy of enjoying a moment together; dancing in the kitchen, completely comfortable, without even thinking about it. 

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