Let us guide you to confidence and date nights you'll never forget.

We're so happy you're here! We are Allen & Christy, real life couple and dance studio owners and instructors. We have an enormous passion for non-pretentious and super attainable dance for everyone! Most couples want to dance together, but we know the obstacles to start can be intimidating. We want to break those barriers and eliminate the learning curve as much as possible so everyone can start dancing like our grandparents did.

So, over a decade of teaching beginners we found the problems and eliminated them – uninspiring beginner steps, rhythm & timing, frame issues, common mistakes, etc. – and replaced them with some of the most fun, impressive, memorable moves from our dance experience. We stripped these steps down to their essence, keeping at the forefront how they look the best and how most people like to move. We've eliminated the common mistakes altogether without you ever having to address them. This is why you can look genuinely good your very first time. 

BetterSway™ was born out of the joy of genuinely enjoying a moment together; dancing in the kitchen, completely comfortable, without thinking about it. 

Start This Evening
man twirls dance partner in green dress on deck outdoors

BetterSway™ Package 1

Carefully designed steps and sequences that get you dancing confidently together within minutes and having fun doing it.

Bundle Pkgs 1 & 2
couple dancing romantically outdoors

BetterSway™ Package 2

This package is a natural extension of Package 1. Here you will learn more of the incredibly entertaining steps and sequences that keep you dancing all night!

bride and groom dance at their casual wedding

BetterSway™ First Dance Package

This package is specifically for couples preparing for their wedding. All the steps have been carefully chosen for their wow-factor, and are also dress-friendly.

BetterSway™ Playlists on Spotify

You can dance to any music you love! However if you prefer, we have provided free playlists of songs we love to dance to on Spotify. Click the icon for complementary Spotify playlists!