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"Date nights are in store here..."

It's simple, beautiful, and is really an lovely opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your spouse. Also if you're like me and not very experienced, just hit play again to see something multiple times. . . great low-pressure date nights are in store here.  –Brian

"Definitely recommend..."

"It looked like we spend a lot more time and effort learning the moves than we did. I'd definitely recommend." –Donna


"No pressure..."

I really enjoyed learning to dance with my boyfriend. The videos were super helpful, and I like that the instructors made it feel like there's no pressure. –Jessie

"The freshest idea I have experienced in a long time..."

"There is a problem with almost every great date idea–you end up doing something next to someone rather than with them. Think going to a movie, or dinner at a club. BetterSway is the freshest idea I have experienced in a very long time. There is nobody to judge and no audience to be shy of. It is good wholesome encounter with your date. Quickly, and simply you get a chance to create your own response to the music and each other through dance. Truly awesome!"  –Stephen


"I saw BetterSway and it knocked me out..."

"After more than 30 years of ballroom dancing and hundreds of dollars of lessons in person and online I thought I had seen every type of dance instruction video. Then I saw 'BetterSway' and it knocked me out. It is an entirely new approach to the teaching of dance. [It] departs from the standard, rather stiff, "syllabus" of dance steps. It teaches simple dance moves that can be used on any dance floor at any time. It shows how to wrap the simple moves into equally simple routines. From a bride and groom's first dance to someone like me who would just like to dance with my wife in our kitchen ... 'BetterSway' fits the bill. None of the steps require prior dance instruction nor do they require exceptional strength or athletic skill. The steps work for anyone and after only one lesson you will be able to hold your own on any dance floor. I recommend 'BetterSway' without a single reservation." –Gary

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