BetterSway™ Instant-Access Dance Courses built with you both in mind

Perfect for Date Nights • Any Music • Learn at Home • On Your Schedule • Satisfaction Guaranteed • One-Time Purchase • Unlimited Access • Gift Certificate Included



BetterSway™ Pkg 1

Because tonight should be memorable.

The perfect way to start an evening off right! Enjoy the fun, closeness, laughter & romance while learning moves that will make your mates jealous. This course is packed with 4 minute quick-to-learn and easy-to-remember moves that look super impressive and are engineered for how you move naturally! Start having fun and get your suave on tonight.

12 Pure-Fun Steps • 4 Optional Sequences • 13 Practice Songs • Comprehensive Demos • Optional Gift Certificate Included



BetterSway™ Pkg 2

Double your steps, keep them coming. 

Package 2 builds on the fun of the first with twelve more steps that will wow the kids, the cat or the crowd! As usual, BetterSway™ requires no sense of rhythm, counting beats, large spaces, special shoes, or experience! Own the floor confidently with some of the most unique and beautiful steps inspired by Argentine Tango, Bachata, Waltz, Swing, Rumba, Salsa, Chacha and more! 

12 Steps • 3 Optional Sequences • Practice Music • Over an Hour of Beautifully Produced Video • Optional Gift Certificate Included



BetterSway™ Bundle

Both Packages, 2 for the price of 1.5! 

BetterSway's best value! When you buy the Bundle, you get the second Package 1/2 off!

Enjoy date nights that keep the two of you laughing and learning to confidently move together to any song, anytime! These lessons are packed with the 4-minute signature moves that make BetterSway™ so easy, beautiful and impressive.

24 Steps • 7 Optional Sequences • 13 Practice Songs • Comprehensive Demos • Satisfaction Guaranteed • Optional Gift Certificate Included



BetterSway™ Wedding

Have the most beautiful First Dance & so much fun learning it! 

Leave the learning curve at the door and feel confident immediately with clear instruction and steps designed to make you look good...period. There's no time for an awkward phase when your big day is coming up! Choose any song you love and leave those jitters behind, BetterSway will take care of you. Did we mention this may be the most fun part of planning your wedding?

18 Steps • 6 Optional Sequences •  Seriously Dress Friendly • Practice Music Throughout • Optional Gift Certificate Included



Want to give the gift of BetterSway? 

Every package comes with a printable Gift Certificate sent to your email immediately after purchase.

From Allen & Christy:


We are obsessed with guiding can't-dancers to full confidence with your partner! Your success drives every aspect of BetterSway


We are honored to be a part of your lives!


The freshest idea...

"There is a problem with almost every great date idea–you end up doing something next to someone rather than with them. Think going to a movie, or dinner at a club. BetterSway is the freshest idea I have experienced in a very long time. There is nobody to judge and no audience to be shy of. It is a good wholesome encounter with your date. Quickly, and simply you get a chance to create your own response to the music and each other through dance. Truly awesome!" -Stephen


Laughing together...

"Neither of us had really danced before but it was so fun just doing something different and laughing together." -Kelsey


Date nights are in store here...

"It's simple, beautiful, and really a lovely opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your spouse... Just hit play again to see something multiple times... great low-pressure date nights are in store here." -Brian


Having a ball...

"You do exactly what is advertised! We were dancing the first night! My husband confidently leads because of the fabulous way you break moves down. We’ve been married almost 40 years and FINALLY we can dance! We are having a ball! Thank you!" -Becki



"The instruction was well-executed and easily understood. The instructors are amazing!" -Lesley


Definitely Recommend...

"It looked like we spent a lot more time and effort learning the moves than we did. I'd definitely recommend." -Donna


No Pressure...

"I really enjoyed learning to dance with my boyfriend. The videos were super helpful, and I like that the instructors made it feel like there's no pressure." -Jessie



"I wanted to try Bettersway just as a fun date night and it exceeded all of our expectations. It was fun, it was easy, we had a great time learning how to dance and really just reconnecting, it was amazing!" -Andy


Seriously Fun...

"BetterSway does exactly what they advertise. It helps non-dancers learn how to dance with confidence. Christy and Allen break down each of the moves into easy to understand bites. We were spinning away in just a few nights. This is SERIOUSLY FUN! After nearly 40 years of marriage, we’re learning how to dance at home, with no one watching, although we finally are feeling confident enough that we wish we had a wedding to attend!

One of the best parts is the way they teach the guys to lead. We’re mixing it up, putting steps together with no verbal prompting. It feels easy and natural. We are moving TOGETHER! We appreciate too that we can use what we’re learning with any music. We have an Earth, Wind and Fire station. 😂

And last, but not least, this is an incredible value. We bought the bundle—36 lessons. It works out to just over $4/lesson. Pretty great for an awesome date night! We would HIGHLY recommend this. Seriously, if we can learn to dance, anyone can while having a fabulous time! As an added plus, Christy and Allen are just too cute." - Becki



A Great Time...

"My wife and I danced more today than we ever have since we've been together. We had a great time, we enjoyed how the lessons were split up into short videos. Looking forward to doing more soon. Thank you so much!" -Max


Good for our Marriage...

"A super fun at-home date night, I think it's good for our marriage to learn something together!" -Jessica


So Easy...

“BetterSway made learning exactly how I wanted my first dance to be, so easy! My fiancé and I have complete opposite work schedules so taking in person classes was out of the question. Their recorded videos helped us with doing it on our own time, and to rewatch certain steps over and over again, lol! If you are looking for something accommodating and thorough, this is your group to work with!” -Taylor


Hold Your Own on Any Dance Floor...

"After more than 30 years of ballroom dancing and hundreds of dollars of lessons in person and online I thought I had seen every type of dance instruction video. Then I saw BetterSway and it knocked me out. It is an entirely new approach to the teaching of dance. [It] departs from the standard, rather stiff, "syllabus" of dance steps. It teaches simple dance moves that can be used on any dance floor at any time. It shows how to wrap the simple moves into equally simple routines. From a bride and groom's first dance to someone like me who would just like to dance with my wife in our kitchen ... BetterSway fits the bill. None of the steps require prior dance instruction nor do they require exceptional strength or athletic skill. The steps work for anyone and after only one lesson you will be able to hold your own on any dance floor. I recommend BetterSway without a single reservation." -Gary 


Loved It...

"Tried BetterSway with my husband this weekend and LOVED IT! So easy and can’t wait for it to make the day extra special. Thanks for that rec!" -Jordana


Made Me Feel So Beautiful...

"I was worried my first dance would look awkward or too rehearsed. The BetterSway course freed me from those fears! We easily learned the movements which are graceful, look natural. . . and made me feel so beautiful!" -Erin