Experiential Gifts

Dec 06, 2021
Experience gift

When it comes to gifts for that special someone, nothing is like the experiential gift of adventure.

I know I'm not the only one who feels that wasteful feeling when you are carrying out the thing you just carried in a year or two ago. This feeling is magnified when it's time to give a gift to someone else and you know you won't be able to find any physical possession that could possibly be important enough for that special person to treasure. After all, how many possessions do you have that you actually treasure? Yet we continue to gift stuff.

1) Where your treasure is there your heart will be also 2) Stuff just can't make you truly happy.

So what then? In my professional career I have often worked in a Scrum structure, I will now borrow from that to present you with some thoughts.

Embrace vulnerable relationships over haughty status

Embrace physical activity over sedentary passivity

Embrace learning over acquiring

Embrace novel challenges over staying in your comfort zone

Embrace creativity over status quo

Embrace risk and failure over safety

Embrace dancing over screens

Try it for 15 minutes a night. Be your own entertainment. Show your bride, your hubby, your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are willing to try something new that will bring you close together and will be an unforgettable experience.

It happened to me. . .15 years ago I never would have thought that dancing would change my life, but that's a story for another day. You probably won't have your life changed to the degree that I have, but if it ends up making a 1% difference in your relationship, in your health, in your creativity, in your happiness, why wouldn't you try? 15 years ago I had no idea what might happen until I just started. I took me months to be able to dance though. . .Not so for you with BetterSway™. 

The great thing about BetterSway™ is you can start tonight, and actually be dancing with the one you love in minutes. Not an awkward, stumbling, counting, sort of dancing but actually moving together, close, laughing, turning and having fun. . .which is what dancing should be.

Watch out. If you start, you may just discover you actually love it. It will mean more than most of all the "stuff" gifts out there. You can't re-gift a unique experience between two people in love. In the end, what do you treasure? 


Get started today .... go dancing tonight

Try Risk Free

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