What is BetterSwayā„¢ and How is it Different?

Oct 13, 2021
man and woman dancing romantically text reads BetterSway for the can't dancer

Ultimate Couples Dance. . .For the Can't Dancer™

If you've always wanted to dance with your significant other (or they have wanted to dance with you), but you absolutely can't do it, can't hear a beat, can't figure out what to do with your feet, end of story...Bettersway is made for you.

Put simply, BetterSway™ is the way for couples to start dancing as quickly and easily as possible (User-testing results on average couples across ages picked up individual BetterSway™ steps in approximately four minutes!). An enormous amount of research  went into making what we believe is truly the most intuitive dance experience ever made.

We are professional instructors who saw a need at our studio for something accessible, affordable, flexible, and simple. Time after time dating, married, or engaged couples would come in the doors and say "We don't know what we want, but we just don't want to look stupid!" Nowadays there is a huge plethora of dance styles to choose from. Understandably, most people don't know the differences or want to sift through them all, they just want to be able to go out and dance whenever they like. Most importantly, they want to be able to dance to any type of song at any event without having to figure out what type of style each song is for, or looking out-of-place with everyone else.

                                     Enter BetterSway™

We threw out nearly every conventional dance rule and took inspiration from our favorite (and our students' favorite) dance steps over the years and brought those moves together in a remarkably simple package. To learn this dance you need NO experience, NO sense of rhythm (because it doesn't rely on a beat!), no large spaces, fancy shoes, or athleticism. If you're worried about having "two left feet" you can let that concern go entirely. The way we've designed BetterSway™ means you hardly ever have to even think about your feet! This is a completely different and totally new way of thinking about and learning dance. It is designed to go along with natural tendencies we've observed over the years in our home studio, not against them. None of the steps are super-flamboyant or leave you feeling "out there on your own"... they are all close, all blend beautifully into any dance situation and are attainable in minutes. However, don't mistake any of that for not being beautiful or impressive. We painstakingly designed every moment of these moves around how people tend to move naturally and eliminated trouble spots that can cause an awkward learning period...that is how they look so good so darn quickly.

If you've ever wanted to dance with your special someone, but are afraid of looking awkward, forgetting steps or losing the beat...BetterSway™ was made exactly for you.  



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